Back in 2015 Filthy Frank pointed out that most prank videos online today can only justify themselves by stating ‘It’s just a prank bro’. The video had confirmed my own suspicions about what pranking is today on social media, unimaginative click-baiting garbage. Ghetto pranks are by far the worst of the lot. If you aren’t familiar with what ghetto pranks are, then let me explain it this way, a bunch of middle-class teenagers go to ghetto areas and provoke locals with insinuations or by just plainly provoking them. One YouTuber went through a predominantly black area saying “My Neighbor” because it could be easily mistaken for “My Nigga”. The reactions captured on camera go from verbal confrontations to a near full on brawl. Other videos have the pranksters going up to random people in ghettos ghetto prankand asking “Do you have a problem” and this provokes people. To get out of the awkward situation the prankster will whip out his calculator and show he meant a math problem. One of the creepiest one is where the prankster stands in front of woman in bikinis and young teenagers playing basketball and pretend to take pictures.

The issue with this type of pranking is the same issue that plagues the whole social experiment and giving stuff to poor people vibe going around, they are using people as props. In the case of the ghetto pranks, black people are little more than a reactionary prop to whatever unimaginative prank is unfolding in front of them. These pranks enforce stereotypes by distorting the truth, which is that out of the 100’s of people they pranked, a small percentage gave a violent reaction. Of course that small percentage will be paraded for the views and we are left with YouTubers thinking ghetto pranks is an easy way to get views. I would put some of the content I described on this blog to show you what I mean, but I think giving these parasites 1 view on their videos already is enough to make me feel ashamed and I don’t want to direct any traffic from my blog to them.

So what is the light at the end of tunnel you may ask? Well, before all this tomfoolery took place and saturated YouTube, there were some fantastic pranksters. One of these is Rémi Gaillard, my favorite prankster. This Frenchman isn’t just a troll or simple prankster, he is a genius. Below is Rémi sneaking his way into the 2002 Coupe de France Final and holding the cup and even shaking the hands of the then President of France.

Unlike a lot of pranksters and comedians on YouTube, Rémi took to his antics not out of attention seeking or for recognition, but simply because in the early 2000’s he was unemployed and bored. His content is original because it is genuine and not intentional click-bait material. Here is his latest escapade. As Rémi says, “C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui” or in English “It is by doing anything that we become anyone” that we can understand his philosophy. Don’t waste your time with click-baiting attention whores, give it to the best thing to leave France since Amélie, Rémi.