YouTube has changed a lot since it’s infancy when the most watched and popular video was ‘The Evolution of Dance’. It is interesting to see the progression of many YouTubers from their humble beginnings to being almost online superstars that could be recognized on the streets. Everything from the production of content to the branding has gotten to the point where YouTube is a serious contender with television. Like many other millenials, I don’t watch ‘much’ television and according to Digital Trends, 13-24 year olds watch an estimated 11.3 hours of YouTube a week and only 8.3 hours of television.

The Dead Kennedy’s album, ‘Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death’ is best sentence to describe the modern conundrum of how technology has changed us. We no longer live in an era where traditional media can keep up with the new age of media. The news day is not simply 24/7, it is a digitized playground where everything is game, both old and new content with a head spinning amount of critique from a myriad of personalities and experts. Personally, I can see issue with new media. Pseudo journalism like Buzzfeed and Cracked scrapes the barrel of journalistic integrity. Cracked for instance, published an article in 2015 ‘ 5 Exonerated Criminals Who Did Worse Stuff After Being Free’ and #5 is Steven Avery.  Netflix’s ‘Making A Murderer’ had cast doubts on the American legal system and gave millions of us insight into a case that isn’t as clear cut as Cracked would have us believe. Par Exemple, The opening line of the article is:

“Steven Avery spent 18 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit. Sad, right? Well, I promise your sympathy will be short lived.”

You could forgive Cracked for it’s lack of insight into the case and actually investigating the story fully, but all benefit of the doubt went out the window when one of their sources was a Wikipedia page. I am not above using Wikipedia for getting the basics down for a topic and sometimes I go through the sources listed on Wikipedia entry sources, but when an article’s core message is based on a Wikipedia page, I lose all respect for it. At least Cracked gives sources, Buzzfeed steals Gifs from everyone on the Internet and credits none of them. Before you decide to accuse me of stealing images without asking their creator or giving them credit, all my images are copyright free and fair use. At least I hope so, otherwise I will find myself like Kim Dotcom when the Internet Governance Laws come into law. Just kidding, that is just a terrible screenplay idea that will probably be made in the next few years. Though I think all of that would fall under ACTA and i’m already screwed.

I could throw a few punches at Buzzfeed and Cracked all day, but that is not what I’m here for. Instead, let me tell you about one of the greatest Trolls of all time, Eric Douglas. Nobody is even sure if that is his real name and it probably isn’t considering the level of trolling he was on had really convinced so many people. In November 2010, he began his declaration of war against Justin Bieber haters. It was genius for the time because this type of trolling would be spotted easily today. In 2010, a lot of people fell for this video below and the torrid of abuse came flying at Eric Douglas.

Eric Douglas started a war against everyone from Anonymous, 4chan to Justin Bieber Haters and he raked in the Lifeinatentviews. He threatened to hack Justin Bieber haters accounts and one of them was LifeInATent, who I may also add is one of the worst YouTube personalities that ever existed. As of news in April 2016, he is being sued $20 million by former partners for his antics. I don’t like to gloat about someone else’s misfortune, but LifeInATent was someone that I am happy is being sued for an astronomical amount of money.


Eric Douglas was accompanied by another YouTuber, JoshUSuber. Together they made videos, which are mostly deleted now, that added fuel to the fire and everything came to an end when LifeInATent was hacked via a phishing scam and barely got control of his YouTube channel and was distraught by it all. It was on of the few times I have ever seen him look beaten back down, and not being the loud mouth arrogant tool he is. Eric Douglas and Josh made themselves scarce and their channels were taken down and it was later revealed they were both not American, but two Irish kids that had tricked people with fake American accents. That is what a childhood of American sitcoms and cartoons will do to you. They were trolled everyone and got away with it for so long. I remember it very well because I was following everything as it unfolded because it was YouTube gold at the time. Now, my only thoughts are how did two young kids get involved with tricking YouTube like this? I am not someone who believes the Internet is an inherently bad thing, in fact I think it can teach you some pretty good life lessons. I don’t mean life lessons like I sent a stranger some nudes, now I know better, but life lessons like arguing online is a lot like arguing in real life, it doesn’t matter.

All in all, this was one of the most memorable YouTube fights I saw. The last YouTube fight I saw was between Ethan Klein and Freebooter Soflo.

Today, I rarely see trolls draw the same attention they did before. I think we have all learned our lessons on feeding them and truth be told it can be a little bit fun to feed them just to see their reactions. Throughout my time gaming, trolling trolls was by far one of the best parts of being able to play online with other people. Other times it did get repetitive and their level of attrition to my patience eventually wore me down and I would leave but that is all it takes to get rid of a troll, walking away. I should know, I have trolled so many people on Xbox and PC.