It is very rare I come across something that truly stumps me on the internet. It seems the only people who get surprised by the internet are people who don’t really go beyond their circle of friends on Facebook and what YouTube recommends them to watch. Everything from Reddit’s /r/WTF to 4chan’s miscellaneous section, the internet is full of the most demented and weirdest stuff that, trust me, you cannot even fathom. On the flip side Stumbleupon will let you find some hidden gems you might overlook on the web or let us just face it, not ever see because of the massive amount of rubbish that exists online today (Mostly porn and cats, sometimes both).

Wouldn’t you know it, I found something that caught my attention, being ‘Transabled’. A transabled person believes they are born into the wrong body. Instead of being born disabled, be it missing limbs, being deaf or blind, they are born able-bodied. To put that in perspective, most people who are disabled, whether they are born disabled or become disabled, believe they are not whole in the sense they are missing a body part or a sense.

For the longest time, I thought this was too insane to be an actual physiological illness. That was until I saw this.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder/Transabled is more common than one might think. It is closely associated with ‘Apotemnophilia’, or the sexual desire to be an amputee.

Just to add more weirdness to the mixture, I also found this awful film, Armless, about a man suffering with BIID and wants to surgically remove his arms. It has awkward dialogue akin to Tommy Wiseau’s ‘The Room’.

While most amputees suffer with phantom limb syndrome and long for the return to being able-bodied, BIID sufferers long for the day to be comfortable in their body by disabling it in some way. Armless looked into the moral dilemma for doctors, whether or not to operate on someone suffering with BIID. Some commentators have cited that everyone has the freedom to do as they please and that there is little difference between a sex change and what a BIID sufferer wants performed on their bodies. I disagree with that logic. A sex change gives the patient the ability to be who they want to be in terms of gender. It is not disabling them. It is an insulting notion to compare BIID and sex change operations.

All in all, happy hunting folks. The internet is a weird place and it is a reflection of what the world really is. If you find something shocking online, just remember, that could be your neighbour or parents.