It is that time again, elections. The madness which will set to begin is going to be stifling. Fine Gael will strengthening its position by explaining that they have brought Ireland out of crisis. The Labour Party will lose terribly because it was the partner in crime which was suppose to keep Fine Gael in line. Instead the Labour Party was as useful as a fart in a spacesuit, i should know i voted on the promise student tuition fees would not rise. However, as a partner in crime, The Labour Party is not alone in the blame for just how badly our country has been run, Fine Gael deserves most of that blame. Fianna Fail is trying to distance itself from the cronyism and extreme level of corruption it was involved with prior to hearing ‘ we are screwed’ in 2007. Bertie Ahern is probably the easiest target to direct our anger, but let us not forget that Fianna Fail today is the same institution it has always been, a bunch of corrupt self-serving politicians who feign interest in the lives of the ordinary people.

bertie ahern‘Recent Autobiography of Bertie Ahern’

Sinn Féin will be a typical populists party. It will talk big about changes needed in our society and how the vulnerable need to be taken care of and that Ireland needs to stand tall and be proud. Changes are needed, that is not up for debate, but when the policies of Sinn Féin amount to a finger paint drawing then i doubt they will be of any use to the people of Ireland. That said they will make some gains.


‘At least my voice isn’t being dubbed with a free state accent anymore’

The Green party, are they still around? The only useful thing they have ever done was making a viral video when Paul Gogarty said ‘fuck you Deputy Stagg’ in the most un-parlimentary language.

‘Gowan ye good thing ye’

Now we are left with independents who will fight your local constituency in every way they can by having next to no power by themselves because they are not a political party with little to no voting power or a general consensus with other independents. Truth be told i think everyone should vote independent and let Ireland go into some type of hilarious chaos where eventually independents band together to form political parties which are the same as the ones today. But let’s face it, they are actually they only option that you can choose without feeling too much guilt.

With the exception of the Water Charges protests and labour disputes, the Irish people have been extremely tame compared to our European cousins in matters regarding our society. Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour will all tell us these are necessary cuts while they are taking back handers . The state of homelessness in Ireland has become a national tragedy and with little to no government policies looking to address the issue we will see more homeless people dying from the elements while we are told ‘look at how less screwed we are!’ We still belong to a political institutions where families run the country. Ireland is not a fair society today, and even if we come back to good growth, the same underlying issues will be simply swept under the rug until the country is thrown back into the ground by the same fools who claim to be bringing us up from the ashes. It is scary just how accurate the Waterford Whispers can be. Today it is as if we should be thankful at how less screwed over we are whilst still being screwed.

Enda‘Now remember, it is either a kick in the bollocks or a punch in the nose’ 

However, anything is better than the new right-wing party ‘Identity Ireland’ who want to end Ireland’s multiculturalism and prevent immigration to Ireland. In 2015 they were founded and they should be heckled. Not only that they take no stance on the issue of abortion of marriage equality. Peter O’Loughlin, one of the founding members of Identity Ireland, went forward for the Ireland South candidate for the European parliament in 2014 and wasn’t elected. Below is Peter O’loughlin explaining his position on many issues.

Identity Ireland should be called Hijack Ireland. The Irish identity throughout history has been hijacked. After independence to be Irish meant you were a Catholic nationalists. The greatest irony is that most of our revered revolutionaries were in fact Protestant. The Irish identity is far more complex and Identity Ireland will take the Irish people for a joy ride. Their skepticism of the EU is on par with UKIP across the Irish Sea and just like UKIP they are xenophobic trying to persuade the media they aren’t xenophobic. Thankfully Ireland has never had a strong history of the right-wing except the Blueshirts, though Fine Gael would rather you forgot that. Most Irish nationalistic sentiment is lost among most people today. It reminds me of the 1932-1933 ‘Boycott Bass’ campaign wherein which pubs were forced to stop purchasing and selling British Bass Ale.

maudgonneIdiotic nationalism does not belong in modern Ireland. Having pride in our history of rebellion and revolutions is natural, but when it rises into something more, then there is an issue. Identity Ireland are little more than a joke, but their message has been among some of the Irish people for some time. As a nation of people who went abroad in search of work and to just even survive, we are in no position to turn away people from our shows and turn our noses up to the EU.

Election 2016

 So do not forget the countless men, women and children who left our shores to go abroad to find a better life. In the next election, do not vote for promises you know won’t be kept, vote for the politician who will do their job and not feign it for monetary gains.